Because, despite being told I keep excellent dental hygiene, I have horrible teeth. And yes, I've heard all these before.
  1. "Huh."
  2. "Well that's interesting."
  3. "No, that's not right."
  4. "Whoa! I've never seen that before."
    This was followed up with calling over his dental partner in the practice and all the dental assistances in the office to look at my mouth together. They all nodded their head and agreed they had never seen it before. Had social media existed back then, I bet you anything he would have instagrammed my mouth.
  5. "So I'm going to give you two options..."
  6. "I'm not sure your insurance is going to cover this..."
  7. "So I have time right now for the root canal if you want..."
    I said yes to this. Because who wants to schedule a root canal and have it hovering over their head for a couple of weeks?
  8. "Well they teach us in dental school what the 'average' person's mouth is like but, you know, no one is really average...."
  9. Muttering under their breathe "no, I don't like that at all..."
  10. "Well I know it hurts but it'll only be a little bit longer ok? I've given you as much novacaine as I feel comfortable doing."
    This was during one root canal.
  11. "Please don't jump up when I'm drilling like that. I have a very sharp instrument in my hand."
  12. "Would you like me to order a temporary prosthetic tooth or are you ok without that tooth there for a little bit? Just think about it. No need to answer me right away. You can email me."