Tomorrow the world will discover the magic of @list...
  1. I'm going to miss you guys.
    I know you aren't going anywhere and I'm not going anywhere. But all you beta testers are such a magical group of folks. I can come here as a respite from the clutter of all other social media.
  2. Basically what I'm saying is thank you @bjnovak & @dev for letting us all play in your beta sandbox.
    It's been awesome.
  3. But can we all stay in touch?
    Or at least pretend to? It's like the last day of summer camp when everyone promises to write to each other. I mean you don't really follow through. But you gotta at least pretend you will... I'm @eatthelove on all the other social channels. Look for me there!
  4. That is all.
    Group hug! Now let's go meet the public!