The Death Ride is officially called the Tour of the California Alps. But no one calls it that. It's 130 miles of cycling with 15,000 feet of climbing and 5 mountain passes in one day. It starts at 6000 ft and goes up to 8700 ft at one of the peaks. And yes people have died on it.
  1. I really hope @AJ isn't one of those people who die on it.
    It doesn't happen often. And I have faith that AJ will be fine. But come on. It's called THE DEATH RIDE. I told him he can't die on it. He usually listens to me.
  2. Why would anyone want to do a ride called The Death Ride?
    This just seems like bad branding. But they sell out each year! In fact, they used to have a lottery to get in. I think they expanded the riders so they don't need to do that. But having that many people wanting to do the ride baffles me.
  3. I guess it's a beautiful ride. But this is their logo. Again with the death.
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    I appreciate they have embraced the name. But it does seem like poor taste since people have actually died doing it?
  4. There will probably be awesome pictures from the ride! But sadly he probably has very little signal up there.
    How will he Instagram? I guess he'll just post them after the ride. This is doubly annoying to me though as I usually count on his IG feed to passively let me know he is alive on his long epic rides.
  5. I often joke that I am a "cycling widow" because @AJ often goes on these epic long rides leaving me to my own devices.
    Which I am perfectly content on doing. In fact I kind of love that we do our own thing and gave our interests. But I decided to not call myself that with this ride. It sounds too self-fulfilling. And creepy. In fact, I don't think I'll ever use that phrase again.
  6. I thought I would be getting loads of work done by myself here in SF while he is up in Tahoe with cycling friends. No distractions and all that.
    But instead I'm eating really crappy Chinese food (which is what I always do when I'm left to my own devices) and watching movies like Pitch Perfect, which inexplicably I have never seen (I KNOW! Totally off brand for me.)
  7. @AJ makes me a better person when he is around. I get more done and I don't eat like a stupid bachelor.
    I bought 4 pints of ice cream yesterday at Whole Foods because I couldn't decide what flavor I wanted (I didn't even eat any of it). I feel myself devolving into a single girl. Soon I will be re-watching Sex and the City and eating cupcakes (and I kind of hate cupcakes).
  8. Please don't die @AJ.
    I joke (but, you know, not really).
  9. UPDATE: he didn't die! Yay!
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