I feel like my lists are equivalent of mansplaining but I can't help myself with the extraneous details.
  1. I was once in a band with a musician who's previous band opened up for Beck & Weezer back in the 90s.
    We never got around to writing any decent songs but mostly just hung out. She eventually quit for personal reasons and I don't think she's written a song since. It was all rather sad because she was super talented. Fun fact: It was not sad that I gave up music because I had no talent in it, despite years of Suzuki and piano lessons. Some things you just can't teach.
  2. My boyfriend in college had a curio cabinet filled with Precious Moments, Hummel Figurines & Franklin Mint Collectable Plates.
    He claimed the Precious Moments and Hummels were hand-me-downs from his mom who had recently passed away. But I knew deep down, inside he liked them for what they were not for sentimental reasons. Fun fact: His Wizard of Oz collectable plate actually played "We're off to see the Wizard!" if you pressed the button behind the plate.
  3. I was 21 years old before I had my first peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
    I had always prided myself on never having a PB&J growing up (Asian parents FTW!) but found myself on a camping trip with friends and everyone was taking them for the big hike. I caved and had them make me one. I was underwhelmed but did admit it made for good hiking food. Fun fact: two of the people on that hiking trip subsequently got married (they were already dating, just not that serious). I was in the wedding as a male bridesmaid because the bride insisted I stand on her side not his.
  4. Actor Tamlyn Tomita (of the Karate Kid 2 fame) once pinched my ass when we rode the elevator together at the San Diego Asian American Film Festival.
    I was there helping a friend promote her short documentary Shit! the Movie. I sold her swag after the showing including Shit! The Movie t-shirts & sweatbands. As a thank you the filmmaker took us to the SD Zoo and paid for admission. Fun fact: my friend ended up winning best documentary short that year at the festival. I think I still have her movie t-shirt & sweatbands in storage somewhere.