I tasted and judged 53 different confections, truffles and bon bons for the Good Food Awards today. I am in a sugar coma, tasted some decent candy and a lot of really bad and weird stuff. Here are the weirdest.
  1. Apricot Pistachio goat cheese truffle
    I barely tasted the apricot and pistachio. The ganache had the pastiness of goat cheese though. In not a good way.
  2. Brandy cherry & hazelnut goat cheese truffle
    Again I barely tasted the cherry or hazelnut but got a lot of funky goat cheese pastiness.
  3. Sour cherry and chèvre bon bon
    What's up with the cherry and goat cheese candies? Better than the truffle. But will not good.
  4. Parmesan Reggiano chocolate bar
    The best of all the cheese and chocolate combos, but still not great. I stand firm with my opinion that cheese and chocolate should not mix in a candy. Nothing has convinced me otherwise today.
  5. Smoked Salmon and Douglas fir truffle
    This wasn't as horribly offensive as it sounds. But it wasn't really good either. The orange salmon pieces in the truffle were off putting.
  6. Juniper gin truffle
    Surprising good. The earthy juniper really highlighted the earthy notes in the chocolate. I'd totally eat more of it.