Straight up honest my parents did not watch TV much when I was growing up, but @sophia rules the school here at ListApp! My 'rents were hardcore Asian. It was mostly news that they watched. They DID occasionally let me watch a show if I also promised to fold the laundry. BUT occasionally, somehow, all of us would watch one or two episodes of...
  1. Murder, She Wrote
    I think Angela Langsbury may have been a big exception to the rule. This was often a show I would watch with my mom.
  2. Knight Rider
    I cannot mentally imagine my parents watching this. Yet I know I saw a lot of episodes of it. Which meant we must have watched it together.
  3. Hart to Hart
    This is the 80s equivalent to watching Castle.
  4. Moonlighting
    Wait, is THIS the 80s equivalent to watching Castle? Either way, Bruce Willis with balding hair was awesome.
  5. Remington Steele
    I take it all back, THIS is the 80s equivalent to watching Castle. Good lord, no wonder I like Castle so much!
  6. Joan of Arcadia
    I have a distinct memory of watching an episode of this when I came back from college and my mom and dad seemed to really like it. I found it kind of boring.
  7. BONUS: Korean Soap Operas
    I actually have never seen an episode of this with them but somehow my dad has become hooked on them and this is all he watches now. It baffles me. He never took an interest in TV at all until later in life! Even my mom is all "why does he watch them?"