Let's chat! Because these are some of my favorite topics.
  1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Come at me with any topic on this subject. I can hold my own with the big leagues. Not as well versed in Angel but I can talk the talk if I need to. But Buffy! I have the show memorized inside and out. Also, why is no one talking about the fact that in The Avengers Joss basically just made a giant hellhole in the sky with aliens instead of demons? Did Mr. Whedon run out of ideas?
  2. Gilmore Girls
    But if we discuss GG, I have to be really amped up on caffeine and talk faster than my normal fast talk (which is pretty fast). But I'm down if you are. Oy with the poodles already!
  3. The Flash
    I've not sure why but The Flash is one of my all time favorite DC comic superheroes. I even watched the bad 90s show they made. I was SO excited when I heard they were making it into a show again. I'm constantly stopping during The Flash to explain to my partner who the actors and characters are and what the inside jokes are about. He appreciates it. I think.
  4. Arrested Development (original 3 seasons)
    I'm not a fanatic about it like some, who have combed through the show for every inside joke. But I can hold my own. I even did a whole homage to it on my blog for Bluth's Frozen Bananas. http://bit.ly/1axq7ID
  5. Fringe
    Olivia! Fauxlivia! Walter! Walternate! What started out as a show with this basic premise: Olivia "What a weird way to die!" Walter "Oh, I invented it!" Olivia "Can you cure it/solve it/fix it?" Walter "I can't remember." — 40 minutes later — Walter "I remember now!" Turned into a really great show with a rich mythology. Well played.
  6. Veronica Mars
    Thank goodness ersatz VM show iZombie is here. But let's chat Neptune California. And poor Veronica. Unlike many, I was disappointed with the movie. Anyone read the books? I kind of hate Logan. And clearly Mac is an ersatz Willow from Buffy but that doesn't mean I don't still love her.
  7. Alias
    Despite the fact that the best episode of the show was the pilot and the entire 5 seasons never truly lived up the promise of that one hour, I still can talk about the show for days on end. Mostly because I really love the character of Marshall and I'm happy they never turned him evil. (Side note: I was absolutely thrilled to see the actor Kevin Weisman who plays Marshall appear in The Blacklist...basically as Marshall.)
  8. Wonderfalls
    No one knows this show. It makes me very sad. Cancelled after 4 episodes (the 5th was advertised and I remember that ad and being pissed that I couldn't see it after they yanked it off the air). I downloaded all the scripts then was thrilled w/ the DVD releases so I could actually just watch them. I'm a huge Bryan Fuller fan. It's great to see how he cross pollinates his shows w/characters from other shows. Pushing Daisies & Hannibal was/is amazing. But Wonderfalls is my 1st true love.