What I Ate Today

Because @lenadunham wants to know. This was not the right day for her to ask about it though (for obvious reasons that will become apparent as you read the list). I'm sorry/not sorry.
  1. 10:30am - iced coffee
    Made from Jittery John's concentrate.
  2. 12:45pm - half a bacon cheeseburger with an egg on top, some french fries & a part of a chocolate malt from Super Duper Burgers
    Why only half a burger? The reason will become apparent momentarily.
  3. 4:07pm - a sampling of paella
    My partner and I arrive at the Meals on Wheels Gala fundraiser. It's a black tie event - and the best single night food event of the year. I proceed to eat and instagram every single thing there. Aren't you glad you don't follow me on IG? Aren't you doubly glad Lena started this whole thing?
  4. 4:11pm - Hamachi Crudo w/avocado
  5. 4:13pm - braised short rib francobolli (sort of like a ravioli) with morels.
  6. 4:23pm - steak tartare
  7. 4:25pm - Shrimp & Grits
  8. 4:29pm - black pepper beef with Brussels sprout skewer
  9. 4:37pm - eel and foie gras sushi
  10. 4:40 - Shrimp Gumbo
  11. 4:44pm - chilled spring pea puree
    FYI, I've had pea purée before and have always been disappointed. This one was excellent. I think it was seasoned properly and the smoky crisp bacon added just the right amount of texture.
  12. 4:46 pm - seared escolar (butterfish) wrapped around white asparagus and a shiso leaf.
  13. 4:49pm - deviled eggs
    I love deviled eggs. But these were too salty. And that's saying a lot from me, who really appreciates food heavily seasoned.
  14. 4:50pm - spicy peanuts with anchovies
    It tasted better than it looks.
  15. 4:52pm - cheese and pepper potato chips
  16. 4:54pm - smoked hamachi crudo
    I KNOW! Two hamachi crudos at the event. It's like showing up at a party wearing the same dress; so embarrassing! But they were both lovely.
  17. 4:56pm - crostini with spring peas
    Spring peas were really big at the event this year.
  18. 4:59pm - mussels escabeche
    This was crazy good.
  19. 5:07pm - marinated strawberries with goat cheese mousse and pistachio crumble
  20. 5:09pm - pork pate w/ asparagus
  21. 5:17pm - raw Peruvian sea scallops with strawberry ice
  22. 5:20pm - porchetta de testa with house made ricotta and English peas
  23. 5:23pm - Crisp pork belly lettuce cups
  24. 5:26pm - tuna ceviche
    It tasted like tuna poke actually. Which I am not complaining about. I love poke.
  25. 5:27pm - tartare of King salmon in Spring pea broth.
  26. 5:30pm - fava bean and feta on flatbread
  27. 5:32pm - chicken liver pate crostini
    I keep on forgetting that I'm not a huge fan of chicken liver. This did not change my mind. Though I'm sure if you liked chicken liver it would have thrilled you.
  28. 5:39pm - lamb doggie!
  29. 5:41pm - tuna hand roll, made to order
  30. 5:44pm - soy ramen egg
    If I wasn't so full, I probably would have shoved 4 of these in my mouth.
  31. 5:49pm - bacon caramel popcorn!
    I shared a carton with my partner but secretly I wanted one for myself.
  32. 5:56pm - roasted and pickled strawberry crostini with fresh ricotta
    Also, how cute is that kid?!?
  33. 6:45pm to 8:15pm - the 3-course sit-down meal
    Didn't expect that did ya? Course 1 (top left): mesquite grilled ayu big fin squid, English peas, morels, dashi. Course 2 (bottom left): charred asparagus w/confit mushroom, egg yolk, toasted seeds and nori. Course 3 (right): roasted lamb, baby carrots, almonds, dry fruit crumble. Fun fact: my partner loved the last dish best but Martin Yan (who was seated next to me!) didn't finish it. His wife did though.
  34. 8:38pm - PB & J buckwheat brownie
    What? You thought I was done eating? Clearly you don't know me.
  35. 8:40pm - Tres Leche parfait
  36. 8:42pm - alfajores w/ dulce de leche
  37. 8:46pm - brown butter financier w/compressed rosemary pineapple (left) and black sesame panna cotta w/ strawberries (right)
  38. 8:56pm - cucumber sorbet with passion fruit foam
  39. 8:59pm - dark chocolate w/white peach mousse
    I liked this in theory but the chocolate overpowered the peach.
  40. 9:04pm - Secret Breakfast ice cream scoop (bourbon & cornflakes)
  41. 9:08pm - rhubarb cream with vanilla strawberries, candied lemon peel & salted butter cookies crumble
  42. 9:12pm - chocolate cupcake with salted caramel frosting & Irish cream filling.
  43. 9:20pm - Rosemary brown butter cake with caramelized strawberries and yogurt crema
  44. 9:30pm - strawberry boat
  45. And then I went home and died from eating too much.
    If you check out my instagram feed though, you'll see all this and more (the food that was there that I didn't eat). http://bit.ly/1Hn8ZkE