The last one of draft day. This has been lingering because I kept on making up stories for new folks. I hope to meet you all IRL at some point. Until that happens, this is how I'm gonna pretend to have met you. If I didn't list you, leave a comment and I'll try to come up with something or make a new list of folks. No promises though!
  1. At an intimate Kickstarter incentive fundraising performance to pull off a big budget revival of Annie Warbucks, the sequel to Annie, I meets Mandi through mutual musical loving friends. We both complained about the casting though. Mae Whitman is awesome but she's a little old be playing Annie.
  2. My imaginary sister cyberstalked BJ's imaginary sister @keonovak. It got so bad that they went to fictional court to get a fake restraining order. Years later, at a book signing I went to apologize to BJ for her behavior. He looked at me as if I were crazy and the manager of the bookstore kicked me out. I never did get my signed copy of The Book with No Pictures.
  3. MTV was throwing a 120 month anniversary party to celebrate the last episode of their seminal 120 Minutes show. I came dressed up as Kurt Loder and Aaron came dressed as Matt Pinfield. We bonded over the fact that no one else at the party got dressed up. Or maybe they did and we couldn't figure out their outfits. I think there might have been a Downtown Julie Brown, but we weren't sure if it was someone dressed like her or ACTUALLY her.
  4. I wasn't planning on going to the Haruki Murakami conference but a friend of mine had a spare ticket at the last minute. I dressed up as a man trapped in the bottom of a well. Annie, dressed as her vaguely evil twin from a mirror dimension, complimented me on my costume and we got to talking. I told her I liked her earlobes and she thought I was flirting with her which was uncomfortable but we both got over it once everything was in the open.
  5. Sophia and I met at a book club that our respective feng shui coaches dragged us to. We both thought it would be fun but the books they kept on picking were totally dull. We secretly started our own book club to sequentially discuss The Babysitter's Club books but we never got past Book #3 - The Truth About Stacey.
  6. I was working as an art director for a major ad campaign and we needed to cast beautiful but approachable people for the commercial. Hollis was in the running but my co-workers thought she was too beautiful and unapproachable so we "went another direction". Which sucked because the people we did cast were all terrible. That commercial flopped and lots of people lost their jobs. To this day whenever I see one of my former coworker all I can think about is "if only they had cast Hollis..."
  7. In high school I worked part time at a diner that served the best Pork Tenderloin sandwich in a 20 mile radius. Abby used to come in with her family and order it. I thought I had a mad crush on her, until I realized I didn't really have a crush so much as I loved her fashion sense and wanted to be BFFs. Sadly we never really hung out and didn't reconnect until we ran into each other at a Indy 500 party years later that a mutual friend hosted in NY.
  8. While clubbing, a friend of mine dared me to go I up and request Debbie Gibson "Shake Your Love". Samantha was spinning and laughed at me. Then the bouncers toss me from the club for bothering the DJ.
  9. We bumped into each other in the snack food aisle of the grocery store. I was debating between the Spicy Thai and the Maple Bacon Kettle Chips and he steered me away from the Maple Bacon. I later snuck back and bought a bag of both and compared. He was right. The Spicy Thai was superior. We been friends since.
  10. We met on Tinder. It was awkward and now I'm the reason he can't be on it. (he'll say it's because he's famous but I know the truth...and now you do too)
  11. Everyone THINKS we met on Tinder. But actually we met when our college roommates set us up on a blind date. There was bowling and cheese fries involved. Obviously date #2 never happened.
  12. @rightordoyle
    I can't really talk about this one. It's definitely NSFW. Usually if asked, I will just say it was through friends but we both know that's a lie.
  13. I kept on running into Lena at the health clinic in college. She was there nearly every time I was, which was impressive because I went A LOT. After a near semester of just casually nodding to each other in acknowledgment of our respective weak constitutions, we got to chatting and started to hang out outside the waiting room. We've been fast friends ever since.