My partner @AJ is ABSOLUTELY obsessed w/Star Wars. He has been since he saw the 1st one (the original 1st one, Episode 4, A New Hope) when he was 4 yrs old. So one day I asked WHY he loved Star Wars so much. He had no response! No one has ever asked him that! So now I ask all you @list folks. WHY do you love Star Wars so much?
  1. BTW - this is a legitimate question. Not sarcastic! I actually do like the movies (the original trilogy, I can take or leave the newer Ep 1-3 movies). But I don't have that overwhelming LOVE of it like so many others do. I really am just curious. Please an answer as a suggestion!
    Also, as a total aside, check out @AJ's Star Wars Potato Head collection at @AJ's Collection of Star Wars Potato Heads
  2. George Lucas furnished the world of my twelve year-old imagination. However much I can critique the shitty dialogue, sexism, hacky heroism, Star Wars feels so immediate and necessary to me and connecting with a certain kind of joy. It's a world where I feel separate from my anxieties.
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  3. It's the classic hero's journey.
    The fight between good v. evil where good always triumphs. It's so fun and entertaining. Adventure, excitement, fighting the for their lives. You root for the characters...young Luke who craves for something more, the feisty strong princess, the roguish reluctant hero (Han!❤️), the bickering droids that play an integral part and the amazing and wise Obi Wan. Deliciously evil Darth, the Catina scene, John Williams' score, the world George Lucas created is so unique and funny and entertaining.
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  4. Because...
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  5. Star Wars has a strong nostalgic love for me. Its very comforting. I grew up on it and my parents would dress us up Star Wars characters for Halloween. Many family movie nights were these movies and we even all played Star Wars trivial pursuit. If I was going to get a special book or something it was Star Wars related.
    It's just a great epic story that has fun characters which is easy to fall in love with. The older movies just have this magical feel to them. As I got older, I realized a girl who knew her Star Wars worked as a pickup line on its own. I made this list here to show how Star Wars impacted my love life and it really has haha! WAYS STAR WARS HAS IMPACTED MY LOVE LIFE thanks for tagging me 👽
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  6. it's my childhood-- it's nostalgic and comforting. it's the ultimate fantasy epic, and princess leia was the first kick-ass female character i encountered in a movie and that was everything.
    i saw a new hope when i was probably 5, and then i grew up with the new installments. it's also became a bond i developed with my brother-- we have ALL of the action figures, we had lightsaber battles with the plastic toy models, and to this day we still play battlefront together whenever we're home at the same time. it became a cult-like obsession and is intertwined with fond memories of my childhood.
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  7. Ewoks. Yoda. Classic Heroes journey. Themes everyone can identify with. Han Solo. George Lucas is from my hometown so it was an instant connection as a kid that anyone could make something huge and cool. Lightsabers. JOHN WILLIAMS.
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