Because every now and then I realize I am the luckiest guy to have him.
  1. My partner AJ has been gone for the past week. He flew back to Indiana to be with his family because his father had to have open heart surgery.
    I didn't go with him for various reasons. His father's surgery went well. He's still in the hospital in recovery though.
  2. Then AJ flew back here on Friday night, arriving at midnight, for a short 36 hours to get ready to cycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles over 7 days for the AIDS Lifecycle.
    This will be his 16th year doing it. He raised over $6700 this year. He's cycling 545 miles. I'll be meeting him down in LA to pick him up. We're going to hanging out in LA for a few days! If we have time (and you have time) we can meet up!
  3. This year was especially tough not only because of the emotional and physically stress of dealing with his father and his family but the fact that AJ had a major cycling accident in NY about 11 months ago.
    I made a list about the incident but I downplayed how incredibly traumatic it was for him (physically, emotionally and psychologically). He broke his shoulder and ankle. It required painful surgery and about 4 months of intensive physical therapy and being off the bike. He LIVES to cycle. Chronology of People Who Helped Aj After He Crashed His Bike in NYC
  4. I saw him off on Day 1 of the AIDS Lifecycle ride this morning. He went to bed at 11:30pm and had to wake up at 3:30 to get ready to ride the 100+ miles today.
    I actually did a fair bit of snapping of the Opening Ceremonies and saw him ride off. You can check out my snapchat if you're interested. Same handle there.
  5. And with everything going on, @AJ took the time to print this out and carry it with him all day on his ride, so he could have someone take a photo of him at a rest stop, so he can text me it.
    <Heart melt emoji>
  6. My boyfriend is the best!
    I'm gonna miss that guy!
  7. UPDATE: Look! I found this hidden on my desk!
    It's too much! Gah! <heart explodes from the love>