1. Clueless - when Donald Faison licks his teeth
  2. American Beauty - when Kevin Spacey pulls off Mena Suvari's pants as she lifts her hips
  3. Into the Wild - when Emile Hirsch leans over Catherine Keener and says "or we'll sit here... because I will sit here *all* night with you"
  4. The Squid and the Whale - when Owen Kline rubs himself against the library bookshelf
  5. Ghost World - when Thora Birch looks disgusted as she's pumping butter in the popcorn
  6. Fruitvale Station - when Melonie Diaz looks up and slightly exhales and squeezes her lips together in the shower in that end scene
  7. Brokeback Mountain - when Heath Ledger simply spits on his dick before anal
  8. Bad Santa - when Bernie Mac burns down an entire cigarette in one drag
  9. Requiem for a Dream - when Jennifer Connelly cocks her head to the side in resistant compliance when Arnold the shrink starts to kiss her neck.