1. Pretending not to see something and then remembering it forever
  2. Helping others to be their best selves
  3. Under/overdressing my child for the elements
  4. Making people think they came up with it on their own
    More accurately, making people think I didn't orchestrate every detail
  5. Social signaling
  6. One uppers
  7. Under promising and over delivering
  8. Getting what I want from people and situations
  9. Spending money
  10. Keeping an elaborate schedule in my head without writing things down
  11. Predicting behaviors of individual males in real time
  12. Finding errors in print
  13. Predicting behaviors of molecules
  14. Compartmentalization
  15. 11th hour determination
  16. Correctly identifying authentic vintage Coach bags at a glance
  17. Packing for a road trip