1. My house plants
  2. That sledding accident in Shasta in 2006
  3. Myself as a child
  4. Not liking children other than my own child
  5. Susceptibility to gas lighting
  6. Losing closeness with my siblings
  7. Decline of the monarch butterflies
  8. Loving myself through the eyes of others
  9. Discomfort with gender fluidity
  10. Spending money recklessly
  11. Long showers
  12. Touring Soweto and other exploitative travels
  13. Privilege in business
  14. Getting in that cop car on the way to the Ween concert
  15. Choosing a partner who doesn't want more kids
  16. Shutting out my best friend when his illness got out of control because I couldn't handle seeing him so sick even though that's when he needed me the most.
  17. Posting pics that I look hot in and you do not
  18. Allowing my partner to support me for 3 years while I went back to school knowing full well I would immediately break up with him as soon as I got a job.
    He knew too, but still. That's kinda shitty.