Stuff I've lost in my life and really wish I could find right about now
  1. My black stussy sweatshirt
    4th grade
  2. All my most precious belongings that I foolishly packed into a single giant suitcase that was lost by Delta in Senegal on my way to SA.
    This includes a bronze cast of my molar that I wore on a necklace and the only bikini top that has ever made my tits look nice. Well, acceptable.
  3. My thinspiration journal that mapped my path to marrying Johnny Depp.
    I was 15 and I think my mom found it and threw it out.
  4. The fake ID I got in Thailand when I was 18. It was a serious game changer that significantly impacted the course of my adult life and I would like it as a memento.
    "Country of Origin: British"
  5. 2 of 3 of my spiral bobby pins
  6. The only grown up (re: expensive) pair of sunglasses I've ever owned.
  7. My keys that one time in a target parking lot. That sucked.
  8. My social security card and birth certificate
  9. The ~$25000k I lost in international stocks after Brexit.
  10. Years 2010-2014
  11. The elasticity of the skin on my legs.
  12. My patience and compassion for others.