My mom died in a car accident, but the exact cause of her death is still a mystery.
  1. Fate
    A romantic notion if there ever was one.
  2. Karma
    Doubtful — My mom was pretty decent.
  3. Me
    My parents were driving me back to college in CT, a place I chose willingly to study.
  4. My Dad
    He was driving our car and had slowed down with traffic. Why didn't he pull over to the side of the road for no reason?
  5. Our Car
    Perhaps if we'd owned a car that could stand up to a refrigerator truck, my mom would still be here.
  6. The Road
    Apparently, we were stopped just past a rise in the road, making it hard to see us far ahead of time.
  7. The Sun
    Allegedly, as the driver of the truck that hit us came over the rise in the road, the sun might have been in his eyes. Who knows??? The investigation was lacking.
  8. The Refrigerator Truck That Hit Us
    If this truck had only been a Smart car, instead of a large refrigerator truck, I would give my mom an additional 50% chance at being alive today to laugh about this whole thing.
  9. The Driver Of The Refrigerator Truck That Hit Us
    I don't want to point fingers, and I'm sure he's a nice guy, but it's possible that if the driver of the refrigerator truck that hit us had simply managed to slow down with traffic, like every other vehicle around us, then he and my mom would have ended up as good friends rather than ethereal enemies. He disappeared from existence though and the police didn't bother detaining him for any about of time, so we'll never get to ask him.
  10. Physics
    Probably not, but I can't argue against a convenient scapegoat!