This list straddles the line between appreciating things less because I see their faults and straight up taking things for granted. Either way, here are some things I've devalued as I've aged. I'm 29. What do I know?
  1. Lyrics
    As a youth, I paid very close attention to the lyrics of songs. They meant the world to me. I would memorize them with the help of the album jacket or sometimes, the Internet. Nowadays, I just don't absorb music in the same way. It's always on while I'm multitasking and I rarely give it the attention I'd like to. As such, I don't hear a lot of the lyrics and so, I don't care about them as much. Case in point: a favorite song of my 20's is Letter From An Occupant, which is nonsense.
  2. Music
    It's not that I don't still love music - I do - it's just that I used to invest significant time into discovering new bands and getting to know them intimately through interviews, videos, listens, and live shows. These days, I mostly find new music thanks to recommendations and I don't go to very many shows. It's still important to me, but not even close to the level it was 10 years ago.
  3. My dad
    Life-long story short: We always had a love/hate relationship growing up, but on the love side, I respected the hell out of the guy. I still have a lot of respect for him, but we've grown further apart in important ways. So now it's a fondness/annoyed relationship.
  4. Cars
    As a suburban teenager, they signified escape. Imagining the future, I figured your car said a lot about you. As a city-dwelling adult, I see cars as utilitarian and largely unnecessary. They're now an inconvenience we've built into our infrastructure and I'd love to reverse engineer a less car-dependent society.
  5. America
    Speaking of society... I don't think I had any reason to distrust America when I was a kid. The older I get, the more contempt I have for this country. It just seems like we fail in some particularly painful areas and succeed in ones I don't care so much about.
  6. Friendship
    This is on here because I probably take my friends for granted. I've always been someone who liked to amass as many friends as possible, but as I age, I find new close friends harder to make and my old friends fading away if I don't make an effort. I'm not great at the maintenance portion.
  7. Silences in Conversation
    I used to think being okay with silence was a marker of a strong relationship. That whole thing of, "The person you love is the person you can spent quiet moments with and feel at ease." I've come to find that most adults get good at awkward silences because we know they happen quite often. And also, sometimes people not talking is actually a breakdown and not a good sign. I still enjoy quiet moments, but I don't give them much weight anymore.
  8. Love
    I go back and forth on this one. For as much as I value love and believe in its power, I am also fascinated by stories of marriages that lack that soul mate element and instead value practical co-habitation and a hard work mentality. Which really matters more at the end of your life? The purest romantic love, or satisfaction with the choice you've made?
  9. Hitting home runs
    They used to seem so fucking cool. Then you see a million of them and you're like, "Oh. Okay. No big deal."