Though I suppose it's been happening at some rate since I was 22, I only really started losing my hair (in a noticeable way) at 25. I'm 29 now and I think I'm okay with it. Most things about balding suck real bad, but here are some cool things. (Requested by @mlb)
  1. Hats won't mess up your hair.
    I have very fine, easily fucked with, hair. Hats would always mess that shit up. No longer!
  2. No shampoo!
    Save that shampoo money. Skip a step in the shower.
  3. Explaining your haircut is super easy.
    #1 all around.
  4. Inexplicably, some people are into the bald look.
    I don't know if it's only for people with daddy issues, but some people out there are attracted to bald guys. God bless these people.
  5. You can cut your own hair! Or shave your head.
    Save that haircut money!!!
  6. Your head dries off super fast.
    Helpful for when you're in a hurry post-waterfall romance scene.
  7. You look older.
    This is both cool and uncool. For some things, it's kinda great to look older. People respect your opinions on science and don't card you at bars.
  8. No more guess work.
    You'll never wonder how to style your hair again. It's great. One less question in my goddamn stupid life.
  9. You acquire the psychic ability to foresee who will also be losing their hair. I'll never forget my exboyfriends Dad looking at someone and saying,"Fine blonde hair like that? Oh ya its comin down."
    Suggested by @jansonebwoodlee