This list called for some serious reflection over the last 5ish years of my life. It's been a long time coming. I took it a different direction and decided to give them each an award.
  1. The Most Wonderful Perfect Show to Exist
    The Office This is my favorite tv show of all times. It is one of the few shows that actually made me laugh aloud. It also brought on its fair share of tears. I devoured the 8 seasons on Netflix within 2 weeks and impulse bought the 9th season DVD set for $49.99. The characters felt like my friends, and this show gave me my second favorite quote to date. "There is a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn't that kind of the point?"
  2. The Lady I Want to Be When I Grow Up
    30 Rock I enjoyed the show because they snuck in jokes without me realizing it. I can relate to Liz Lemon on so many levels. Particularly her antisocial nature, love of food, woman troubles, and the fact that she wears glasses.
  3. Most Likely to Make Your Cheeks Hurt From Smiling
    Parks & Recreation Tom Haverford is a delight. Ron Swanson is a delight. Andy Dwyer, also a delight. This show is hilarious and heart warming. The best part is that each character gets to be funny. It made me want to give back to my community more. It isn't ranked higher because Leslie Knope's constant optimism is a little harder for my black heart to relate to. This show also produced the anthem of our generation, "Bye Bye Lil Sebastian".
  4. The Show I Only Watched Because Other People Were Watching It
    Orange is the New Black I held off on this show until the summer before senior year. Everyone living in the house was watching it so I joined in an effort to be social. I'm not sure how I would have felt watching it alone, but it was nice to watch with other people. It's the only show I've shared with others simultaneously. Also this inspired senior year's Halloween costume. Me, as Taystee.
  5. The Show that People Love that I think is Ok
    New Girl Jessica Day is too cute for me. I don't like cute people, because I can't understand them. But Nick's ornery ways and crabby life view make it worth it for me. Schmidt is also a man after my own heart.
  6. The Show I Loved as a Kid
    Cow & Chicken I was freaking obsessed with this show. I'm not sure I understand what it was about and I definitely missed out on all the innuendos. This unlikely brother/sister duo will always be dear friends of mine. The creepy devil with the weird butt will not.
  7. The Show I Loved as a Kid But Shouldn't Have
    Space Ghost Not sure I should have been watching this cartoon night show host, but I loved him. Like actually developed a crush on him. This should have the been the first red flag for the parents.
  8. The Show that Caused My Sexual Awakening
    The Brady Bunch Greg Brady is the first real (and still living) boy I remember having a crush on. I wanted him to love me even though he was probably in his late 30s/early 40s during the time I was pining for him.
  9. The Show I Haven't Seen Every Episode of but I love all the same
    Sex & The City Definitely was not allowed to watch this when it was HBO, so thanks E! for giving me reruns to enjoy in my old age. I enjoy the women's friendship and try to learn from their promiscuity. Even though it is v overwhelming and nothing I could do in real life.
  10. My Current Guilty Pleasure
    Chrisley Knows Best I know this show is a mess and I should not support this family's shenanigans and attempt to hide the father's sexuality. But this shit is funny. And I can't stop watching.
  11. The Show(s) I Shared with my Grandparents
    Mama's Family and Matlock I loved watching these with Muvo and Daddy Red. I thought of her as Mama and him as Matlock. I got so excited every time they came on because we could watch them together. Days of Our Lives could also be in this category because I got to leave school early to watch it with Muvo.
  12. The Show I Love that I Don't Want Anyone to Know I Watch
    Once Upon a Time I watched this because I was at my lowest of lows with boredom and even after a not so engaging first episode, I was sucked in. Now it's my go to to rewatch when I'm bored on the road.
  13. The Only Shonda Show
    I recently discovered Scandal and Fitz and Olivia gave me life. That is until all they did was fight and kill people. Mad at them rn. I need them to calm down and be together and be happy. I'm probably the only person that wants a boring book or tv show because I prefer my characters to be happy rather than be entangled in constant drama and foolishness.