Please feel free to add any you notice. This was hard, but fun.
  1. Fucking Shit
    Said anytime anything bad happens to me when I'm alone. *may vary with other colorful words depending on how bad it the situation is* Example: conditioner spills everywhere in luggage "Mother fucking piece of horse shit"
  2. Oh wow
    Said In response to anything a collegian tells me. I say this phrase multiple times a day and hundreds of time within the the month. Usually means they're doing something wrong or I'm not actually listening to them.
  3. Literally ________
    Insert any phrase here and it applies. Literally hate myself for this one.
  4. The love of my life
    In reference to the flavor of the week
  5. Aw dang
    Didn't realize I said this. Was told by a collegian it makes me sound like Joe Dirt 😑
  6. Campus Culture
    Dear Lord in heaven I say this all the damn time. It makes me feel like I know what I'm talking about
  7. Making Positive Change
    See above
  8. Remember that time
    What can I say, I've gotten sentimental in my old age. Forever reminiscing.