So many snacks
  1. 17 granola bars (plus the one I ate)
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  2. Pretzel Sticks I won't eat bc ew pretzels
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  3. Apple Chips
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    Feeling unsure
  4. Newman's Own Light Butter Popcorn
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    That's Newman
  5. M&Ms
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  6. The Worst Gummies in Existence
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  7. Reese's (pronounced Ree-sie's) Peanut Butter Cups
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  8. Sour Patch Kids
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    The Most Mischievous Gummy of All
  9. 4 Brown Sugar Poptarts
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  10. 6 Naranjas
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  11. 3 Not Green Apples
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  12. 8 Crazy Nights Worth of Bottled Water
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  13. 2 varieties of Soup (Vegan)
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  14. 2 Easy Mac aka Freshman Year Meal Plan
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  15. 1 box of Decaf K Cups
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    Aka more water
  16. Scary Dark Grapes
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  17. Hummus Vessels
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  18. Hummus
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  19. 2 Packs of God's gift to man
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  20. 2 packs of unpredictability
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  21. Strawberries (British accent)
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    lil moldy?
  22. 2 helpings of my mom picks bad snacks starter pack
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  23. Half Dozen Cheese Magic
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  24. Guilt Induced Fried Cheese Magic
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  25. Applebee's at Home
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