TV shows I have binge watched.

Don't judge!
  1. Buffy. I mean, she spends most of high school in the library!
  2. So I'm a sucker for Joss Whedon! Firefly
  3. Golden Girls - someday I WILL have pajamas like these. I'm a Blanche. ;)
  4. Fullmetal Alchemist! Brotherhood! Alchemy! Angst!
  5. If you like hot guys....
  6. Charmed....pretty sure their *ahem* figures needed separate billing. Plus, catfights!
  7. Breaking Bad. I AM THE ONE WHO KNOCKS.
  8. Luther. Because him.
  9. Walking Dead. Sometimes you need to see gratuitous gore.
  10. Futurama. Jurassic Bark and the finale both make me weepy.
  11. Star Trek - the original. So much gorgeous eye makeup, especially on Dr. McCoy. And Shatner....