1. 1st Grade: Greek Mythology, why was Apollo such a bad ass?
  2. 2nd Grade: Magic Tree House books, the one about the San Fransisco Earthquake was my favorite
  3. 3rd Grade: Alexander Hamilton, No he wasn't the fucking President and he will always be on the 10 dollar bill in my heart
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  4. 4th Grade: The State of Louisiana, it's postal code is LA so I confused in with Los Angeles, also I was going through a shrimp obsession
  5. 5th Grade: Middle School, my teacher described it as soul crushing and she was somewhat correct.
  6. 6th Grade: My place in the world, going to a big school can do this to you
  7. 7th Grade: Remembrance, one of my old teachers died and I thought about how each person would remember her differently
  8. 8th Grade: Boys, Do these thoughts make me so sort of criminal?! Nope, they just make me gay
  9. 9th grade: Exchange, getting the hell out of Lake County.
  10. 10th Grade: Chile, becoming my own person
  11. 11th Grade: Existentialism, figuring out why it all mattered