1. 9: organizing auditions and the director never responds to my emails no matter how many I send or how I word them
  2. 8: the inability to block FarmVille requests
  3. 7: needing to clean out my ears after a shower and there are no Q-Tips left on earth
  4. 6: waiting for the subway during a sweltering Fourth of July with lots of drunk people and the train never comes
  5. 5: waiting for the baggage claim at Newark and the belt never starts
  6. 4: needing to urgently excuse myself from dinner but nobody is talking and I don't want to be the first person to say anything
  7. 3. having to hold back a coughing fit in a quiet theater or movie
  8. 2. watching never ending pre-movie trailers that are so dumb I'm embarrassed to be there (ex. The Great Gatsby feat. Happy Together; G-Force, about hamster spies; Killers; Hot Tub Time Machine II)
  9. 1. my elementary school, 2006. Gym class. Pacers.