Caution: this list could get real.
  1. Gone to a concert with a bunch of people I barely knew
  2. Been arrested (and am still an okay person)
  3. Been homecoming king at my university
  4. Came out to my family
  5. Been in a relationship for more than a year
  6. Lived in another country for more than a month
  7. Went to the Middle East with a bunch of frat guys from Mizzou
  8. Had sex with people I did and did not know
  9. Told a man I loved him, and believed it
  10. Made friends via someone else and kept them
  11. Regularly visited both Boston and New York City by myself
  12. Went on a traditional, drunken, drug filled spring break
  13. Gambled in a casino
  14. Liked school
  15. Landed a lead in a Shakespeare play and didn't suck
  16. Traveled Europe with my own money
  17. Watched a second date get arrested in front of my eyes
  18. Turned 21 and was not amazed by bars
  19. Smoked weed
  20. Dropped acid
  21. Drank far too much
  22. Joined a fraternity and loved every moment, even the difficult and tragic ones, of which there were many
  23. Gained and lost a best friend
  24. Saw one of my closest and oldest friends get engaged
  25. Lost touch with many people from home, but kept the ones who mattered
  26. Took a tequila shot suicide style with the British army
  27. Experienced three completely unexplainable paranormal events
  28. Designed my own tattoo
  29. Found a real world job that might even pay enough to support me through student loans
  30. Had student loans at all
  31. Cried, hard, on people that were not my mom
  32. Liked sushi
  33. Went to a gay pride event (two!) and felt comfortable being there
  34. Wore skinny jeans and vans
  35. Learned to longboard and by doing so found a sport I actually liked
  36. Went to the gym regularly
  37. Stood inches from a wild mountain goat while someone fed it doritos
  38. Lit off fireworks in someone's backyard at the Fourth of July with new friends
  39. Kept a journal
  40. Developed a true print photo in a darkroom
  41. Obsessed over someone to the point of self destruction
  42. Dealt with consequences
  43. Been a role model
  44. Had a real, raw, uncontrollable breakdown
  45. Lost a mentor to old age and gained a new one
  46. Fought for my paycheck
  47. Been a resident assistant and orientation leader, in charge of others' safety and wellbeing
  48. Needed glasses
  49. Climbed a sixty foot wall in a harness
  50. Survived a car accident
  51. Grew a beard and kept it
  52. Finished more than ten tv shows
  53. Wrote my own music that other people really enjoyed
  54. Taught myself to play piano
  55. Spent two full summers away from home
  56. Conquered my fear of heights
  57. Saw Sir Ian McKellan alive and in person
  58. Filled a sketchbook
  59. Singlehandedly broke someone's engagement
  60. Watched friends that it seemed had just come into my collegiate life graduate and move on
  61. Went to a councilor regularly and without embarrassment
  62. Held hands with a boy I had met the same day, and for the first time in my whole life knew that as of that morning could legally marry him anywhere I wanted
  63. Felt, amazingly, old
  64. And missed everything that came before.