As an avid reader of horror it takes a lot to really scare me... But some really did. Best to read with lights on.
  1. Silence of The Lambs
    While the movie itself was pretty good, the book actually made me jump a few times. Bravo!
  2. Cujo
    Stephen King is a master at his craft, but this dog really did it for me. It may've been because I had one as a kid, not sure.
  3. IT
    If you didn't hate clowns before...
  4. A Wrinkle In Time
    I know this isn't a traditionally scary book, but as a kid the idea of traveling to an unknown place to find my parent really bothered me... Now it sounds more like fun.
  5. Coraline
    Let me just say this... As an adult, this gave me nightmares so I can't imagine reading it as a kid.