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Inspired by @jenward and countless others
  1. January
    Annual donning of the Mad Bomber
  2. February
    My brothers are 6'6" and 6'3". Being tossed my them is a lot more fun
  3. March
    Ice Caves on Lake Superior. Worth the drive. And the walk.
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He's @Novemb3r. Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Eighth grade science.
    I'd just moved to town and it was the first class of the first day. Seating was alphabetical and when he turned around to pass the attendance sheet my little thirteen-year-old heart skipped a beat.
  2. When I found out he went to my new church, I knew I could make it happen.
    For more on growing up in Footloose, see I BASICALLY GREW UP IN FOOTLOOSE
  3. He didn't know I existed.
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Inspired by @shanaz
  1. Theater Magnets, breakable
    Moved to the top because the toddler kept breaking them.
  2. Theater magnets, unbreakable
    Seeing James Gandolfini, Jeff Daniels, Hope Davis, and Marcia Gay Harden in Gods of Carnage was amazing.
  3. Magnets, toddler
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Inspired by @ameliaville
  1. Maybe try not sharing that super personal letter you wrote to a grieving widow.
  2. Weren't you just blaming Obama for high gas prices? How about a thanks for that under $2.00/gallon picture you just posted.
  3. Remember when you used a normal amount of snow to argue global warming wasn't real? Any comment on this warmer than average winter? No?
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  1. You named your boy/girl twins Peyton and Sawyer. Claim you've never heard of "One Tree Hill."
About your DIY Daniel Tiger ornament.
  1. My toddler wanted Daniel Tiger ornaments for our tree.
    I wanted a craft to make.
  2. Purchase Daniel Tiger and friends. Screw eye hooks into the tops of their heads.
    O the Owl will join them later.
  3. Spray paint them!
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Inspired by @shanazdn. I just downsized from a HUGE tote/diaper bag. I'm incredibly curious and these lists scratch that itch!
  1. Wallet
    I used to carry a card case and money clip. The card case fell apart.
  2. Pouch
    Super old. Contains tampons, lipgloss, perfume, emergency inhaler, sunscreen, and vitamin E rollerball. The toddler had stitches right in the middle of her forehead and I don't want her to hate me when she's sixteen. Well. Not for failure to prevent a scar. Sunscreen/vitamin E oil ftw.
  3. Contents of pouch.
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I hate clickbate.
  1. An adorable picture of a newly married couple is making its rounds on social media.
  2. The article described the bride as "caught aggressively chowing down. . . ."
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We do a major ornament purge every year. These survived.
  1. Dark Vader
    Daddy's friend.
  2. Keychain Picture, Part One
    Baby's first visit with Crazy Eyes Santa.
  3. Precious Moments Figurines
    I got one every year as a kid. Three survive. The toddler declared this one Trixie and her Knuffle Bunny.
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  1. Now I have to quit.
    Thanks @WSPR