Inspired by @jenward and countless others
  1. January
    Annual donning of the Mad Bomber
  2. February
    My brothers are 6'6" and 6'3". Being tossed my them is a lot more fun
  3. March
    Ice Caves on Lake Superior. Worth the drive. And the walk.
  4. April
    Our beloved cat died. He was such a tiny kitten when we got him (and @Novemb3r had hair). He was 16 and I miss him every day
  5. May
    She wanted a rainbow cake for her birthday. Who could say no?
  6. June
    Our neighborhood lake
  7. July
    Lego sculpture
  8. August
    Izzy's ftw
  9. September
    North Shore, Lake Superior. Not the ocean, but within driving distance.
  10. October
    She was always a climber. Now she's a jumper.
  11. November
    Spontaneous driveway dance party
  12. December
    Hidden bubble at the zoo