Watching the parade with a three-year-old who doesn't get much screen time.
  1. The three-year-old has no clue who Big Bird is.
    Parenting fail?
  2. But she knows what TMNTs are.
    I couldn't name them.
  3. Advertisements are confusing when you've only watched Daniel Tiger on Netflix.
    Switching to streaming has ruined broadcast.
  4. The Heart of the Sea trailer terrified her.
    Chris Helms's weight loss was just too much.
  5. She wants to know what Hepatitis C is.
    I'm not even sure I know.
  6. Somehow she knows what Angry Birds are.
  7. Panic! At the Disco was her jam.
  8. She loved The Wiz.
    Fiddler on the Roof was somehow terrifying.
  9. She declared the parade over after being traumatized by a KFC commercial.
    Apparently the Colonel got stuck in a chimney and she couldn't handle it.