Seriously! Tell me what to do ListAppers!
  1. I grew up in a world where a girl sweating was pretty much a sin.
    But that's okay. I much preferred reading.
  2. I ran two miles in junior high.
    I really wanted to play tennis on a real court instead of in the gym. But you had to run a mile to the real tennis court. And run a mile back.
  3. I didn't run again until I decided to do a Turkey Trot about fifteen years later.
    My goal was to finish it without walking. I did. But slowest 5k ever.
  4. I took a six week running class to learn how to run that 5k.
    I got great Italian restaurant recommendations out of that group.
  5. I had really bad shin splits, so I didn't run for another ten years.
    They were so bad the doctor thought they might be stress fractures. He also told me I might not be "genetically built" for running. Permission not to run? I'll take it!
  6. Then I ran 100 miles in 100 days to raise money for Burmese refugees.
    And it went great! By the end I was running a 5k pretty easily.
  7. I read Born to Run. And started minimal running.
    But I don't wear those toe shoes. They creep me out.
  8. I've been running pretty consistently this year.
    I run a 5k a few times a week. And two mile runs if I'm short on time.
  9. My husband has run a few half-marathons and enjoyed them.
    And could run one tomorrow with no training. Sometimes he's the worst.
  10. So. Should I run a half-marathon?