Inspired by @shanazdn. I just downsized from a HUGE tote/diaper bag. I'm incredibly curious and these lists scratch that itch!
  1. Wallet
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    I used to carry a card case and money clip. The card case fell apart.
  2. Pouch
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    Super old. Contains tampons, lipgloss, perfume, emergency inhaler, sunscreen, and vitamin E rollerball. The toddler had stitches right in the middle of her forehead and I don't want her to hate me when she's sixteen. Well. Not for failure to prevent a scar. Sunscreen/vitamin E oil ftw.
  3. Contents of pouch.
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  4. Sunglasses
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    I love these inexpensive matte tortoise wayfarers so much I bought a second pair
  5. OneTruffle Clarity Pouch
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    Apparently I like things contained? Holds earbuds, lotion, wipes, pen, Altoids, and flashlight. Which is more useful than I ever expected.
  6. Lip balm
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    The only kind I've used up multiple times.
  7. Toddler snacks
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    Sometimes fancy. Sometimes generic.
  8. And my phone!
    Used to write this list and take these pictures.
  9. Nalgene container with Advil
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  10. My bag
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    Double pouch crossbody. Probably an over correction from the diaper bag/tote.