Organized hoarding, not killed by a falling tower newspapers hoarding.
  1. Empty boxes
    Every house we lived in had a basement. And every basement had an entire ROOM dedicated to my mom's box collection. I can't walk past recycling without checking for a good box.
  2. Appliances
    The usual kitchen appliances. An extra mixer. An extra refrigerator AND a deep freezer in the basement. But not in the box room. A vacuum cleaner on each floor. And one in the garage for the car.
  3. Empty applesauce containers
    Plastic deli containers. Kept in the basement. But not in the box room.
  4. Homemade applesauce
    Every fall my mom and aunts would make gallons of applesauce from windfall apples. They would freeze it. There was an entire deep freezer in every basement dedicated to the applesauce. Every time I went home to visit I left with applesauce. They stopped making it a few years ago. I saved my last quart of applesauce for years.
  5. Ice cream
    Always at least four gallons in the deep freezer.
  6. Cookie dough
    Want fresh baked sugar cookies? There's homemade cookie dough in the extra freezer. Which is in the basement. But not in the box room.
  7. Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pie
    Graham cracker crust filled with vanilla ice cream and covered with peanut butter. At least three stored in the extra freezer waiting to be covered with hot fudge and consumed.
  8. Food
    We used to call her pantry "the magic pantry" because whatever you needed was there. It's probably best described as a room of requirement. Her pantry will supply whatever you need.
  9. Prescription medication
    My mom has had chronic pain most of her life. There are lots of drugs involved in dealing with this. And protocols change over the years. Her cabinet is basically a pharmacy of controlled substances.
  10. Non-prescription medication
    She firmly believes in better living through chemistry. I love getting sick at her house because she has every possible remedy at hand. I was in college when I realized not everyone took 800mg of Advil every four hours.
  11. Money
    She likes to have cash on hand.
  12. Frequent Flyer Miles
    She pays for literally everything with her miles card. Literally. Including her mortgage and all her utilities. She pays the balance in full each month. One time she completely lost it when my dad used cash to pay for a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread. She hates to fly.
  13. Paperwork
    Every single piece of paper that has ever come into her life is in a box. Every single piece. Every few months she talks about organizing her paperwork. Which involves days of looking at every piece of paper and moving it to a different box.
  14. Receipts
    Every receipt for every purchase ever. She's the queen of the price adjustment and returns things years after purchase.
  15. Justifications
    She's a world-class enabler. Ice cream for dinner? Go for it; It's full of calcium! Want to buy those shoes? Go for it; shoes are essentials and expensive ones are better for your feet! New car that's not in the budget? Go for it; you need reliable transportation.