Gilmore Guys podcast changed my life. Too far? Probably. But I've learned a few things from @kevintporter & @demi.
  1. I like podcasts.
    Gilmore Guys was the first podcast I ever listened to. I just didn't get the format. Probably because I'm old and get most Pop Goes the Culture References. But now I'm fully committed to podcasts.
  2. It's a feature, not a flaw.
  3. Take a chance.
    This podcast that has live shows and goes on tours started with an open call tweet! Amazing! So put it out there. Or respond when someone else does. Both are incredibly brave.
  4. The WB did some crazy promos back in the day.
    Seriously Michigan J. Frog. Get it together.
  5. I can run.
    Running is so boring for my brain. Maybe not YOUR brain, but mine. Listening to Gilmore Guys solves this problem. And when the end of my run syncs with the end of the show? Magic.
  6. Running while listening to Gilmore Guys can be dangerous.
    Gilly Chuck falls off the treadmill are a thing.
  7. Sorkinisms.
  8. My husband had been holding out on me.
    @Novemb3r had been following @demi on Twitter for awhile. And he didn't tell me. Hater.
  9. BoJack Horseman.
    Thank you.
  10. Getting retweeted and/or favorited is exciting.
    I have a grand total of forty Twitter followers. Getting any feedback on that platform is amazing.
  11. I'm not team Jess.
    When it originally aired I was unapologetically Team Jess. So cute! So damaged! I could totally fix him. So I was utterly confused that I kind of hated him when Gilmore Girls hit Netflix. Experiencing Jess through @demi's first-timer eyes really helped.
  12. I miss Television Without Pity.
  13. I don't want to be Rory. Or Lorelai.
    I was so caught up in the pretty and the fast talking and the references that I didn't notice the entitled and selfish. And while I absolutely love my more nuanced view, neither is my role model.
  14. Bishop is Queen.
  15. Kids these days.
    I live in a bubble. We all do to some extent. I actively seek out diverse opinions, news, and entertainment, but I'm an introvert in Minnesota. My real life interactions are limited. So I didn't know what to expect from two young guys talking about Gilmore Girls. IT'S GREAT! They're kind and respectful! They're smart! They take what they care about seriously. And they don't take themselves too seriously, which is more important. Kids these days are pretty great.
  16. I'm a completest.
  17. It's okay to love downbeat endings & ambiguous parts.
    I've always loved the downbeat endings and ambiguous parts of movies and television. An ambiguous downbeat ending is pretty much my Rosebud (reference!). People in my life actively and vocally hate this. Finding others who like it too? The. Best.
  18. People are funny.
    Allie Goertz. Jason Mantzoukas. Aisha Muharrar (@Aisha). @PaulScheer A whole bunch of other hilarious, talented people. I never would have found them without @kevintporter and @demi.
  19. It's okay to disagree.
    But don't be a dick about it. I was raised to believe that a strong opinion articulated forcefully was the gold standard. The louder and more judgmental the better. This is so wrong. It's great to have an opinion. And to talk about it passionately. But it's okay if someone else just as passionately disagrees. Kids these days! So wise.
  20. On Taking Pictures.
    @Novemb3r thanks you.
  21. I'm not the only one.
    I honestly thought I might be the only one who loved Gilmore Girls AND The West Wing fervently.
  22. I like being a R.A. who's down to have fun.
    (I suspect I'm actually just an R.A.)
  23. A way to discuss the season four finale with haters.
    I know so many people who stopped watching after Rory & Dean hooked up because it was out of character for Rory. I always argued they were Amy Sherman-Palladino's characters to do with as she pleased. But hearing the podcast discussion added so much! It IS in character. No one approves of their choice. It's supposed to feel uncomfortable. It's treated exactly how it should be.
  24. I care a lot about people I've never met.
    I get disproportionately upset when people tweet at the show for not acknowledging Michel is black early on. Just keep listening people!
  25. Show runners matter.
  26. Improv makes me uncomfortable.
    But not as uncomfortable as @kevintporter calling himself "daddy."
  27. Townies are the best.
    I already knew this. But still.
  28. I don't want to live in Stars Hallow.
    Every time I go to a small town the Stars Hallow fantasy kicks in. I remind myself that no small town is that cute. And all small towns are that dysfunctional. If you're not the Queen Lorelai, it's probably not fun.
  29. Always watch the extras.
  30. I like Gilmore Girls.
    I loved Gilmore Girls when I watched it in my twenties. I was so excited when it hit Netflix. But watching it again in my (late) thirties was so different. Suddenly I identified with Lorelai more than Rory. And I was less charmed by their quirkiness. I felt like I was constantly saying "get off my lawn." (Reference!) The podcast let me experience it again and hash some issues out. Most importantly, it let me ENJOY it again. And that is a gift.