A list of things to do in the morning that take up just enough time that you can no longer go to the gym before work.
  1. Make coffee.
    Because the roommates cannot start the morning without it either!
  2. Sit under a blanket.
    Because it's far too cold to put on that sports bra just yet..
  3. Turn on an episode of The Office.
    You've got to have entertainment while waiting for the coffee to finish brewing.
  4. Change the episode to a season 2 episode instead.
    Let's face it, before coffee it's hard to handle the amount of energy Ed Helm brings to the screen.
  5. Drink a cup of coffee.
  6. Go back for more coffee, but brew more instead.
    Whoops. You "accidentally" didn't brew enough for two cups each the first time around.
  7. Keep watching The Office.
  8. Lose track of time enjoying the mix of subtle comedy and coffee.
  9. Run and jump in the shower!!!
    Oh shit! I'm going to be late for work now!! Guess that treadmill will be there for me tomorrow..