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  1. Margaret Atwood
    On second thought, maybe the depressing part outweighs the feminist part. See Oryx and Crake.
  2. Chuck Palahniuk
    This can't end well.
  3. Gillian Flynn
    Either I would be psycho, or everyone else around me would be. Doesn't seem like a sustainable lifestyle.
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  1. Jane Austen
    Maybe not original, but she's got the hang of this whole female voice thing. Everyday life is pretty beautiful in her words. Plus my childhood dream of being Elizabeth Bennett.
  2. Margaret Atwood
    She might make my life a little more haunting or bleak, but my girl Marg knows how to write complicated women. Plus she can make the ordinary extraordinary. See Wilderness Tips.
  3. Ivan Doig
    This is my northwest obsession talking. As a Oregonian/Washingtonian, though, Ivan really gets me. He knows how to make a place the most vivid and powerful thing in a novel. That, and he nails the beautiful simplicities of life, which are probably the best parts of it.
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