A taste review on a single malt (scotch) whisky that sorta kinda turned me on? Whaaat?
  1. "Lemons and oranges
    and the sweetness of icing sugar fill the mouth after the first taste subsides, with a slightly woody taste, warm and round and pleasant. A tiny hint of pepper on the last feel, slightly spicy and crisp.
  2. With a dash of water, malt and brown sugar came forward, and the mouth feel softened, but lost none of its power. It's sharp edge fell away slightly, but it was still just as rich. A little rumour of milk tea with sugar whispered its way at the back of my nose.
  3. In all, a beautiful whisky. Sugar and spice and all things nice.
    Berry Bros. & Rudd 1982 Glenlivet Cask 6669"