I drafted this because I've been told I think like a man on more than one occasion, which I guess is an insult. So, I try not to have an opinion while around my fellow ladies just in case I come off as the enemy within the tribe. But can we give men the benefit of the doubt sometimes? #HappyDraftmas 🎄✍🏽
  1. I have read articles and sat in conversations solely about the way men are these days.
    "Ain't shit."
  2. What I've gathered is that a woman will think less of a man because he doesn't do one or more of these things
  3. Open the door for her
  4. Foot the bill(s)
  5. Fight for her
  6. Compliment her
  7. Protect her
  8. Surprise her
  9. Do the heavy lifting
  10. (insert specific yet unbeknownst to him expectations)
  11. Etc. etc. etc.
  12. Yes, these are all nice gestures and I'd be appreciative of any man that would do them for me, but where did the idea come from that men were suppose to be doing such things for a woman?
    I guarantee it comes from the same place that said us women were suppose to be great house wives, always mannerable, meek, and so on.
  13. How is it that we have a movement going on fighting against being held to a stereotype and ideals
    whilst berating and alienating ourselves from men for not living up to their stereotypical gender role? I'm all for women being for women (and runnin' thangs) but at the expense of throwing men out entirely for the, "I only need my girlfriends." #SQUAD lifestyle feels quite extreme. 2015 was very much about this.
  14. Too much weight is being put on trivial actions (for both genders) thus creating tedious tensions
  15. Whatever your significant other does for you 9x out of 10 is because he or she WANTED to, not because they felt like they were suppose to or because that's how it should be.
    At least, this is what I believe.
  16. There ARE big issues going on between men and women as far as equality (and respect) are concerned
    But this year I've noticed a lot of men-bashing by other women because men won't more or else coddle them. "I bought myself flowers because men ain't shit." Where is this coming from? Can we kill it?