I'm sure there's more...
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    Cross reference
    I like to do this early in the morning on the weekends. At least 2-3 books, laptop, notebook and phone acts as a dictionary. Don't know why I find this relaxing.
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    Read and/or do the activities on the back of the cereal box
    I feel like this may come to an end at some point in order to conserve ink or some important ingredient within it. Me: "Y'know they used to put crosswords on the back of those, word searches, facts. You can never get enough facts." My kid: "Are you going to say that every time I pour a bowl of cereal?" Me: "Yup."
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    Watch the special features on DVDs
    I want to see the breakdown of that one scene. If half the movie felt ad-libbed I know there's a gag reel. At least I hope so! 😁 Also, commentary is cool.
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    Pretend I'm using that memory eraser device from Men in Black every time I take a screenshot
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