This one I kept because it's a bit strange. Anyway, here ya go! @aprilkquioh Happy #Draftmas 🎄✍🏽
  1. I had an imaginary friend
    According to my mom and sister I would talk to him/her in a corner of the backyard. I do not remember having an imaginary friend so he/she may haunt my marital home due to being abandoned by me.
  2. I had imaginary pets
    Now, this I remember. I'm not sure why but in 3rd grade I had an imaginary dog, an imaginary horse and frog. They all went to school with me. I'm in my right mind now, I swear. The worst paranormal offense in this case would be scuffing up our wood floors?? lol
  3. I "hypnotized" my baby sister
    She was one years old at the time and I was twelve. We were in the kitchen and I was swinging a hair bow back in forth in front of her eyes and I told her on the count of 3 she'd fall into a deep sleep. 1...2...3...clap. She fell right to the floor. I panicked 😥 my other sister was watching and screamed bloody murder. I picked my baby sister up, looked at her all over, she was fine. I told my sister not to tell mom what I did. This may or may not have been an "opening the door to evil" moment.
  4. I experience Deja vu regularly
    This may be nothing but it freaks me out 😖
  5. Spirits (guilty by association)
    My mothers side of the family is Native American. Most of them live on the same stretch of land in NC in houses and trailers. When I visit my Grandma sometimes we'll have a bon fire and she'll play her Indian flute music. A few minutes after this music starts white waves shoot and dash across the sky. I figure these to be only good spirits, but honestly, who knows? Also, someofmyfamilymemberareburiedontheproperty (recently, my great uncle. He was in the military so it was very respectable)
  6. My mother is very good at damning people (guilty by association)
    The last person to be damned died of cancer within 2 months of her saying they would in fact, "suffer." I use to think it was all a coincidence, but now whenever she wishes ill on someone I tell her take it back 😫