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I love going into the office. My coworkers are fun, there is unlimited coffee, and there is a 76% chance someone brings cake pops in daily. But sometimes working from home just brings out the best in me:
  1. You don't have to put a bra on until noon
    Or really at all for that matter. And if a delivery person or bible salesman comes to your door, you can just throw on a sweatshirt and act like you are having a sick day, not laying around sending emails in your sweats.
  2. You can sing along to your music as loud as you want
    Granted, I sometimes do this in the office as well, but at home it's different. You can bust out your best Whitney Houston 'Star Spangled Banner' at 10 am, followed by some of the poppier tracks from Hamilton, then close out the set with a soulful ballad by Vince Gill (my secret fav.) WFH is the perfect stage for all your guilty pleasures
  3. You can work outside
    On sunny days, it's not uncommon I am on a conference call in my bikini in my back yard. Hey, I can't help it if it's 80 degrees & sunny on a Wednesday, can I?
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Will literally stop living my life and watch these movies - even if I come in half way through
  1. Overboard
    hands down best movie to watch on TV
  2. Scrooged
    So good even if it isn't Christmas. Come for the sing along at the end, stay for the endless quotable lines
  3. A Cinderella Story
    Because nobody would ever own this on DVD, and we all secretly want to be Jennifer Coolige when she says, "You're not that pretty, and you're not that bright."
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