Because emojis speak louder than words.
  1. 🙈
    Because how else to respond to something you don't know how to respond to? This monkey takes on all the pain of not knowing what to say. Plus it's adorable.
  2. 🍂
    There is no pumpkin emoji, so how else can you subtly hint that AT THIS VERY MOMENT you are purchasing every seasonal option at Trader Joes? Also known as the shame spiral emoji.
  3. 🌎✌
    There is no other reason to use these emoji, except together. These emoji scream I AM A GOOD PERSON. I VOLUNTEER AND SHIT.
  4. 😂
    Doesn't this just make you want to happy cry? Nope? Just me?
  5. 📠
    Fax machines. Because the Internet is sooOoo 2015.