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On August 2nd I'm moving to Saipan from the great state of Ohio. And although there are many things I will miss, I need to go.
  1. I hate my job. I struggle to make it to work every day.
  2. I'm ready to teach kids who respect me.
  3. I'm ready to teach in a place where test scores do not determine my students' value.
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My musical tastes are all over the place and I try to go to as many concerts as I can. There is nothing like the rush you get from the live music, the crowd, and the pure joy that comes from watching music being made. (These are in no particular order.)
  1. Amy Grant / Michael W Smith - my first concert in the 6th grade
  2. Lenny Kravitz - 3 times
  3. Harry Connick Jr. - big band phase
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I always knew I would be a teacher, but these fantastic educators inspire me to this day. (In no particular order.)
  1. Miss Turner - kindergarten - she also sold Mary Kay products and smelled exactly like my grandmother. Soothing stuff for a kid who struggled with being away from her mom. I loved her even after she washed my mouth out with soap for saying "damn".
  2. Mrs. Sexhaur - 1st grade - yes, that was her unfortunate name. The reason I put her on this list is because this is the woman who gave me the greatest gift I have ever received - the knowledge to learn how to read. I can not imagine my life without books and she's the one who started it all. Oh, and she did it with 35 kids in the classroom. Saint.
  3. Mrs. Collins - 3rd grade - I thought she was old when I had her because she had white hair. I'm FB friends with her 29 years later. She makes the list for LIVING FOREVER.
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These are the things I'm pondering tonight.
  1. when you get a new phone arrange all your apps in the EXACT same order so you know where to find your stuff?
  2. go grocery shopping late at night to avoid the crowds?
  3. find it odd that the old men who hang out at the McDonalds love to compliment my hair? (disclaimer: I have a sweet tea addiction.)
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My favorite part of my day is when I read to my students after lunch. These are the books that have made us laugh, cry, and beg for just one more chapter!!!
  1. The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
  2. Stuart's Cape & Stuart Goes to School
  3. The Candymakers
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If you're anything like me, scanning through pictures always brings a little joy to my day.
  1. My dog Audrey who passed away 3 years ago. She was the perfect dog.
  2. My niece Sarah is my clone and I adore her.
  3. The view from my sister's lake house in Maine.
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I don't always feel guilty, but when I do....
  1. eating Lucky Charms with no milk
    I blame my health conscious parents who never allowed sugary cereal growing up.
  2. watching Barefoot Contessa @InaGarten while I eat dinner
    While I'm eating my gourmet dinner of cereal or a microwave burrito I love to watch Ina prepare delicious, gorgeous food.
  3. Bob Ross
    Those happy little trees make me happy. Watching and listening to Bob is the most soothing thing I can do when I'm stressed. Thank goodness for PBS.
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