I don't always feel guilty, but when I do....
  1. eating Lucky Charms with no milk
    I blame my health conscious parents who never allowed sugary cereal growing up.
  2. watching Barefoot Contessa @InaGarten while I eat dinner
    While I'm eating my gourmet dinner of cereal or a microwave burrito I love to watch Ina prepare delicious, gorgeous food.
  3. Bob Ross
    Those happy little trees make me happy. Watching and listening to Bob is the most soothing thing I can do when I'm stressed. Thank goodness for PBS.
  4. a clean pillow case every night
    I also change my sheets every 3 days. If I could afford it or had the time, I would have clean sheets every night. A freshly made bed is my idea of sleep heaven.
  5. sneaking Target popcorn into movies
    $1 vs. $5 seems like a no brainer. Oh and their $1 monster cookies are fantastic too.
  6. Disney shows
    sometimes when I'm babysitting the nieces and nephews I'll find I've happily watched hours of those over-acted shows.
  7. The Proposal & The Holiday
    those two movies are always downloaded on my iPad because no matter how many times I've watched, I can watch them again.