I always knew I would be a teacher, but these fantastic educators inspire me to this day. (In no particular order.)
  1. Miss Turner - kindergarten - she also sold Mary Kay products and smelled exactly like my grandmother. Soothing stuff for a kid who struggled with being away from her mom. I loved her even after she washed my mouth out with soap for saying "damn".
  2. Mrs. Sexhaur - 1st grade - yes, that was her unfortunate name. The reason I put her on this list is because this is the woman who gave me the greatest gift I have ever received - the knowledge to learn how to read. I can not imagine my life without books and she's the one who started it all. Oh, and she did it with 35 kids in the classroom. Saint.
  3. Mrs. Collins - 3rd grade - I thought she was old when I had her because she had white hair. I'm FB friends with her 29 years later. She makes the list for LIVING FOREVER.
  4. Mrs. Hewes - 4th grade - she bribed us with gummy candy to learn our multiplication facts. For x12 you got a gummy shark. I never learned my x12s but I did learn how to bribe students with candy. Saves my life every day.
  5. Mrs. Caviness - 8th grade - one of my best friends' mom. She was excellent at everything and taught us how to think strategically with chess, checkers, etc. She also believed we were still kids and took us out for recess every afternoon.
  6. Mr. Dunham - HS history - it was slim pickings as far as favorite teachers in high school, but this man tops my list of favorite educators. He engaged me by getting me to debate, allowing me to give oral book reports just so we could talk for hours about books, and he played the list game! I still keep in touch with him today.
  7. Dr. Martin - college sociology - taught me to look at the world in a much bigger way than my private school bubble ever allowed .
  8. Dr. C - college math methods - it is absolutely unforgivable that I don't remember her name. She helped me to understand (and therefore teach) math to a level I never did growing up. It was the most eye opening class of all my education courses. Bonus - I met 5 girls in that class who became my best friends over the next 10 years.