Soccer is not a quiet game for me
  1. Suck it!
    This can be used as a 'yay my team did something good' or a 'ha the other team messed up'
  2. Fuck
    This can mean almost anything happened and I felt the need to comment
  3. Come on come on come on
    Things I like are happening and I want them to continue
  4. Straight up screaming
    My team got scored on and no I will not be quiet
  5. No no no no no no
    The other team is close to scoring and I dont like it
  6. Ha you suck
    My team has stopped the attack from the other team
  7. Are you kidding me!?
    The ball bounced of the post instead of going in the goal like it ought to have
  8. Merph
    The other goalie made a good save that I respect but am still annoyed with
  9. What are you doing!?
    A player from my team messing up a great chance on goal