The last 5 screen shots I took. Ok, I cheated a little - there was a screen shot of a text about work related things that I couldn't share between 3 & 4.
  1. "The weight of grief." Saw this and thought it was brilliant. Depicts grief better than words ever could. Wish I knew the artist's name to credit here.
  2. I think this one speaks for itself. Credit: iamvalc's Instagram
  3. Does anyone not do this? Screenshot to send to a friend - we are studying for boards and meme sharing is the highlight of the day. Credit: fuckjerry's Instagram
  4. Like I said, boards study = sending way too many screenshots of funny memes
  5. Screen shotted this because they are both geniuses I love, and seeing them together made my day. Can't wait to see Yo-Yo Ma live with the Philly orchestra this weekend. Wish I could also see Lin-Manuel in Hamilton.