A list to cheer up my partner in crime.
  1. I can start a conversation in the middle without having a lead up. "Beyoncé is a CGI conspiracy". "I feel I should wear more scarves". Lots and lots of random swear words. No matter what, she has a response.
  2. She is FUNNY! No one should be able to tell you a story that features pooping and angina attacks and chemo and make you cry with laughter. It's not natural, frankly, but she can do it.
  3. She will hate anyone who even slightly offends me just on principle. Now that's support!
  4. She will read through interview prep and give advice the day after chemo and not even mention it, because she's hardcore!
  5. She knows everything I don't know, which comes in handy.
  6. She drove us all the way to the Lake District and didn't even beat the living day lights out of me when I sent her the wrong way down a pedestrianised street.
  7. She would probably share Tom Hiddleston with me if we ever successfully captured him.
  8. Her compliments are the only praise I trust.
  9. At least she put a note on me when she left me passed out asleep on a bench at Victoria Station in the middle of the night after Mardi Gras.
  10. Her response when I did an enormous prat fall on the steps to the lecture hall at uni was to almost collapse herself in absolute hysterics as people climbed over me.