1. Hairspray (2007)
    I can feed you just about every line in this movie and the songs are so gd catchy
  2. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)
    everyone hates this version because they think Johnny Depp is so creepy but I love him and think Gene Wilder's portrayal is so much worse on the creep scale
  3. Bring It On: All or Nothing
    clearly the best of the Bring It On series. Hayden Panettiere is so cute and the Winnie character is so easy to hate I love it
  4. Pirates of the Caribbean 1-3
    I think Curse of the Black Pearl was the first time I ever saw Johnny Depp in a movie and it immediately changed my life. The fourth movie is a piece of shit and shouldn't be played anywhere.
  5. any Harry Potter movie
    I live for Harry Potter Weekends on ABC Family
  6. Jurassic Park
    Jeff Goldblum in this movie is all I need in life