Greg Berlanti confirmed that there will be a musical crossover episode between the Flash and Supergirl. In preparation for this amazing episode, I have compiled a list of dream duets that I would like to see in that episode.
  1. Joe West and Astra
    A song about humanity/how villains start out with good intentions/the regret over the unintended consequences of your actions. Think "Defying Gravity" from Wicked.
  2. Winn and Caitlin Snow
    Winn meets Caitlin and is amazed by her, tries to win(n!) her over. Think "Heather on the Hill" from Brigadoon.
  3. Barry and Kara
    Lamenting the "what ifs," wondering about how their lives would be different if they weren't superheroes. Think "Halloween" from Rent.
  4. Entire Company
    Rallying cry to defeat the enemy (the actually enemy and the enemies within themselves). Think "One Day More" from Les Mis.
  5. Joe and Henry
    A song about the challenges and rewards of fatherhood. Think "Dear Theodosia" from Hamilton (obv.).
  6. Cat Grant
    A solo number about how freaking awesome she is. Think "Miss Baltimore Crabs" from Hairspray.
  7. Cisco and Winn
    A buddy song about how they will always come through for their friends, no matter what. Think "I Always Find a Way" from Even Stevens.
  8. Iris
    Gets her own song about admitting her feelings for Barry. Think "I Won't Say I'm in Love" from Hercules.
  9. Also none of this could matter at all thanks to freaking Barry and the flashpoint.