Inspired by @Lisa_Fav
  1. What are we doing here?
    Questioning everything
  2. Why did you join?
    Because I'm always checking up @mindy and she recommended @list bc of @bjnovak which i think is pretty cool, so one thing led to another and here I am.
  3. Why did you stay?
    I really like the community and the vibe of this app. People are funny and positive. Also, I enjoy writing a lot and people seem to appreciate it.
  4. How do you feel about @list prime time? How bored are you when it's time for the US to sleep?
    Wait... what prime time?
  5. If you don't come from an English speaking country, do you miss writing in your own native language?
    Sometimes, only when I want to curse because is way fun and cathartic in Spanish.
  6. Do you feel America is too America centric?
    I like that you guys are patriotic, I don't like when some people from here believe the U.S. is the only country in the American continent. Hello! There's a bunch of us down here.
  7. Do you feel that @list is too L.A. centered?
    A little bit, but it's cool so I know which places to go when I go there in the future.
  8. Did you ever have someone make a comment on you having an opinion on America, Americans and their politics?
    Yes, but not from Americans. It's usually from Latin American people who despise their country and because I live here I shouldn't complain because the U.S. Is a first world country and it's perfect.
  9. Are we just tourists on @list?